For any Government, one of the primary objectives of providing public WiFi services is to make their own services or citizen services available to large section of population. XtraWiFi, being built ground up, can provide a tremendous opportunity to make this happen at low cost.

XtraWiFi envisages implementation of public WiFi system over large geographical area. It is likely to be funded by the Government as it is very close to the objectives of the government towards making public WiFi infrastructure.

This gives a unique opportunity for the Government to reach its citizens. Since the technology is built ground up, there are provisions within the system to provide services to users without even paying for it. Let us examine the life cycle of the user.

A user first registers with XtraWiFi using an OTP. This authenticates the user and uniquely identifies the user in the future. There is a provision for having multiple devices for a single mobile number.

Once the user registers, he/she gets free Internet for one hour. The user is able to access any website or application on the Internet, just like any other broadband / Internet service.

A registered user can recharge one’s account with broadband service based on current price list applicable to that area. Recharge is available from Rs. 10/-

There is a provision within XtraWiFi to make certain parts of the Internet available to users. It is proposed that various citizen services are made available to inactive users.

For example, if the Govt Of Telangana were to participate in the project, websites/apps like AAROGYASRI scheme (http://www.aarogyasri.telangana.gov.in) Agriculture and Co-operation Department, Telangana (http://agrimarketing.telangana.gov.in/) will be accessible to everyone who is simply registered with XtraWiFi (registration is free).

List of some of the websites of Telangana Govt area available at http://www.telangana.gov.in/directories/state.

XtraWiFi will never make non-govt content made available through this programme.

Thus the objective of the Govt of making their websites and apps available to their citizen are fulfilled by implementation of XtraWiFi

For making any App or website available to XtraWiFi users as free citizen services, following form must be filled by relevant Govt. Official.

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