The vision of XtraWiFi is to provide high speed & inexpensive broadband to everyone.

The stated vision is perceived to be job of the Government. Any public utility service that can be run by a private organization while making money (not charity) likely to be more efficient than government run subsidized service.

However, the support of the government is required for implementation of Public WiFi system using XtraWiFi. The following concessions are required.

  • Permission to use electricity/other poles for installing Wifi HotSpot & laying cable without charges.
  • Metered electricity connection wherever required at domestic rates.
  • Favorable treatment for permissions / tariff for underground duct for fiber.

In return for these concessions the government will be provided with the following

  • Free access to all registered users, to Government websites and applications even in inactive condition (without paying) (Free Citizen Services)
  • 50% of implementation of XtraWiFi assured in Low Income Group (LIG) areas.
  • Tariff assurance (tariff will not be increased)
  • Achieving the objective of providing Public WiFi in “Digital India” initiative.

Govt. Concessions

These concessions do not burden any government and will go a long way to make XtraWiFi implementation faster.

Charges levied for using a pole are so high that the entire project becomes unfeasible using poles. XtraWiFi, in its beta has implemented by installing Public WiFi infrastructure on the walls of buildings belonging to general public. They have been forthcoming in giving permission to establishing small router on their wall without power supply after showing them our pricing plans.

But the process of obtaining permission from the property owner to install router is time consuming. The installation speed with wall mounting router is 2 pcs per day compared to pole mounting installation speed of 8 pcs per day.

The time consumed & administrative overhead of staff scouting for suitable places for installation (called advance party) adds to overall cost of the project.

For fiber landing points, we have adopted policy of paying Rs. 200 for every box installed on premises including power charges. This process is again time consuming to scout for potential fiber landing point locations. If permission is given for installing landing point on a pole with electricity supply, it would make implementation smooth.

XtraWiFi Assurances

In return for the concessions XtraWiFi gives following advantages to the Government.

Free Citizen Services

Government has various services that are delivered electronically through websites and apps. These websites or apps (Citizen Services) are made available to subscribers of XtraWiFi.

Even when the user is in inactive mode (i.e. when services are expired and not renewed), citizen services are made available.

50% Assured LIG Coverage

The primary objective of XtraWiFi is to service low income group (LIG) areas. XtraWiFi assures that implementation will have at least 50% coverage of LIG areas. This ensures penetration of services to needy areas faster.

Tariff Assurance

Although XtraWiFi reserves the right to revise the tariff periodically, the tariff given along with assurance, or better, will be made available wherever XtraWiFi Public WiFI services are available.

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