All elements have come together to make XtraWiFI successful


When XtraWiFi was conceived in 2004, people said that I was living in a fool's paradise. I have spent lots of resources to do fundamental research to understand and realize the potential of WiFi as the media for delivery of broadband services to the masses.

There were many seemingly insurmountable hurdles at that time. A predominant computing device that used Internet at that time was a desktop computer with few laptops with our subscribers.


Connecting to the desktop through WiFi required a special client to connect to access point, as desktops were not equipped with WiFi client, the way laptops were.

We did our experiment with laptops and sometimes with usb dongles, both of which were expensive.

Skip to 2016/17, we have huge penetration of personal computing devices in the form of smartphones.

The users are now equipped with a portable WiFi client in their pockets. Most of the usage requirements are now outdoors.


WiFi technology itself has grown tremendously during this intervening period. As every household now have wireless router as the handoff CPE at users premises, the technology has grown and prices are down.

Due to this technology growth and serious drop in prices as commercial off the shelf product, XtraWiFi has become such low cost solution.


In 2014, Indian government initiated push for “Digital India”. This included providing public WiFi services in 2500 towns / cities in India.

XtraWiFi perfectly fits to the requirements of the Indian Government.

Municipal WiFi implementations have started. XtraWiFi need not sell the importance of public WiFi services; Government is already sold on that. XtraWiFi is here to offer its incredible technology to the government.


Worldwide, lots of cities and countries are experimenting with public WiFI infrastructure.

By comparing other installations with XtraWiFi installations, stakeholders can identify the strengths XtraWiFi brings with it.


XtraWiFi is not just a concept anymore. We understand that unless practically implemented, XtraWiFi will just remain a concept. There is no dearth of people making tall claims.

We now have an implementation in the city of Hyderabad that is earning revenue & profit.

All technical & operational challenges are overcome. Mass deployment procedures are designed and tested.


There cannot be better times for public WiFi services and for XtraWiFi. We are ready and raring to go for massive deployment.

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