Idiot-proof deployment of XtraWiFi


Any technology developed for mass deployment needs to be easy to deploy: XtraWiFi is no exception. There should be as few components as possible for deployment. The ground force must be unconcerned with the complexity of the technology.

For a Public WiFi implementation, the following are required:

  • Power connectivity
  • Router installation
  • Router configuration
  • Latitude & Longitude for monitoring

Most of these steps are avoided in XtraWiFi. Implementation of XtraWiFi is in 3 steps.

  • POP installation
  • Landing Point installation
  • Router installation

POP installation is carried by XtraWiFi technical team. Each POP is capable of handling 10,000 WiFi routers. Other than the number of hotspots, geographical proximity is taken into consideration while installing POP.

POP requires UPS, OLT and rackmount device (XtraWiFi server). Rackmount device is an Intel atom based processor with 4GB RAM and 4GB solid state HDD.

After coming out of the XtraWiFi Office, Only the IP address configuration is required on the XtraWiFi Server. Everything else is automated.

Landing Point does not have any configurable devices. Installation is straightforward. Take devices from the packing and place them in a particular order: semi skilled technicians can install a landing point with ease. Training required for this technician is 3 days.

One landing point is required for each village.

Router installation is the simplest of all. Any technician who can crimp CAT5 cable with RJ45 jack can carry out the installation. Training required is 1 day.

Testing is carried out by on field technician by browsing on his/her smartphone. It cannot get simpler than that.

GPS positioning is done automatically from the router after installation. The hotspot is visible on the map within 2 minutes of physical installation.

All configuration required in this case is done automatically by the servers in the cloud after presence of wireless router is detected.

Time required for installation (ignoring reaching the location, permissions & material availability):

  • POP installation : 1 day
  • Landing Point installation: 4 hours with 2 skilled technician
  • Router installation: 8 hotspots in a day with team of 3 semi skilled technicians.

If logistics are taken care of, it takes 3 days to install XtraWiFi system in a village. It is that simple.

Our operations guy taking out first routers to field.


XtraWiFI is designed for mass scale deployment. It not only reduces the time to install, it also ensures that overall cost does not escalate.

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